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Environment Go Green


Environment Is Everything That Is Around Us. It Can Be Living Or Non-Living Things. It Includes Physical, Chemical And Other Natural Forces. Living Things Live In Their Environment.They Constantly Interact With It And Adapt Themselves To Conditions In Their Environment. In The Environment There Aredifferent Interactions Between Animals, Plants, Insects, Soil,Water, And Other Living And Non-Living Things.


Since Everything Is Part Of The Environment Of Something Else, The Word Environment Is Used To Talk About Many Things. People In Different Fields Of Knowledge Use The Word Environment Differently. Electromagnetic Environment Is Radio Waves And Other Electromagnetic Radiation And Magnetic Fields. The Galactic Environment Refers To Conditions Between The Stars.


Vastu Faults That You Should’t Ignore While Buying a Home


While It Is Not Possible For All Homes To Be 100% Vastu Compliant, We List The Faults That Home Buyers Should Not Ignore Is It Possible For Every Apartment That Is Put Up For Sale, To Comply With Vastu Shastra Norms? The Answer Is No! So, How Can Home Buyers Identify Which Apartments To Buy And Which One They Should Avoid, Vis-À-Vis Vastu Norms.


Real Estate Sector Sees Budget Boosting Consumer Sentiment


Mumbai: The Realty Industry Has Welcomed The Interim Budget Saying Thefillip To The Sector That Has Reeling Since Thepast Two Years With Severe Liquidity Crisisand Demand Slowdown.


The Budget Seeks To Extend Tax Sopsfor Affordable Home Developers And Toremove The Tax On Notional Rent For Asecond Housing Unit As Well As Unsolunits. It Also Seeks To Extend The Benefitsunder Section 80-IBA Of The Income TaxAct For One More Year--To Housing Projectsapproved Till March 2020, Which Will Boostsupply Of Affordable Housing.


According To Property Consultants,There Are About 6-7 Lakh Of Unsold Unitswith Developers In Seven-Eight Major CitiesaloneThe Benefit Of Rollover Of Capitalgains Up To Rs 2 Crore Under Section 54 Ofthe IT Act Will Now Be Available Forinvestment In Two Houses From The Presentonly One Unit. It Also Proposes To Enhancethe TDS Deduction Threshold For Rent To Rs2,40,000 From Rs 1,80,000 Now.


Budget Aims To Boost Realty


MUMBAI | BANGALORE: The Interim Union Budget For 2019-20 Has Provided A Major Relief To Both Homebuyers As Well As Realty Developers With Several Measures Aimed At Lowering Their Tax Incidence And Burden. While The Government Has Pushed The Affordable Housing Agenda Further, The Proposals Are Also Aimed At Boosting The Housing Demand.



Prospective Homebuyers Can Now Buy Two Separate Properties To Avail Long- Term Capital Gain Tax (LTCG) Exemption On The Sale Of Existing Property. However, This Can Be Availed Only Once In Their Lifetime.


Buy One Property Of A Bigger Value To Cover Up The Gains Received Through Sale Ofexisting Property To Avail This Benefit. The Finance Minister's Proposal Would Offer Flexibility To The Homebuyers To Split The Gains In Two Properties And Still Avail The Capital Gains Tax Exemption.