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Each one of us wishes that our new year should begin with more money, love and happiness in our lives! You will be amazed by the fact that the house that you live in greatly influences your life. Documented research in Vastu Shastra proves that all you need is to check certain things in your house, such as the direction of the main entrance door, the location of the rooms, the colours that are used on the different walls, etc.

New Year is the time when people plan to make the future months gainful, and accordingly, look for sound investment options. With the ever rising demand for properties, the real estate market offers a lucrative investment option. So, if you too are planning to invest in property, then always opt for a Vastu Compliant Property for greater career growth, gains, and prosperity.

While selecting a property – no matter, whether it is residential or commercial - if you keep following Vastu checks in mind, it will ensure a good return on your investment. While buying a plot or land in this New Year, you must pay attention to the adjacent roads and slopes. You must avoid buying a plot with a road hitting it from the South, West, or South-West directions.

If the plot is for commercial use, then you should also keep in mind the purpose of its usage. For example, a plot with a cut in the South-West direction is not advisable for property dealings, whereas a plot having high zonal power of the East will prove good for a politician.

Now, if you are planning to invest in a built-up apartment, bungalow, shop or showroom, then you must first check it on the basis of the research-based VastuVisharad evaluation process, such as the entrance, room locations, elements and objects, as follows:

To attract more growth and prosperity in 2017, clear the North-East Zone of all the clutter, and keep the idols of gods or goddesses that you worship in this zone. Besides this, meditating in this zone inNew Year will ensure the flow of divine power or grace through your house and your body, gifting you with clarity of mind, good health, and success in your life.

Also, ensure that your toilets, dustbins, and brooms are kept in the South-South-West (SSW), or in the East-South-East (ESE), or in the West-North-West (WNW) Vastu zones. If located in any other zone, it will hamper the gains and successes brought in the New Year, in whichever venture you undertake.

As far as the kitchen appliances are concerned, the cooking gas or the gas stove should be ideally placed in the South-East or the South-South-East Vastu zone. If kept anywhere else in the house, it can be treated by a stone slab of an appropriate colour and material, as advised by a VastuVisharad expert.

To strengthen love, affection and bonding within your family members, keep a framed picture of your family in the South-West Zone of your home, and place all your gifts in the Eastern zone of your home for better social connectivity. A picture or statue of Lord Buddha in the North-East will bring in peace and harmony. In addition to all these, if you wish to attract more money and prosperity, just put a green plant in a blue vase in the North direction. Fresh flowers in a blue or green vase in the East-North-East zone will refresh your mind, removing all negativities and rejuvenate your soul in 2017!

Vastu Shastra is a science that deals with the construction and architecture. It is a part of Vastu Vidya, and applied with the ‘Atharvaveda’ (Economics), which lays the guidelines for architecture, design and construction and the same principles are applied to business houses.

As an ancient science, it describes principles of design, layout, space arrangement and spatial geometry.

Rules of Vastu Shashtra are observed by balancing the five elements of environment – ‘Panchabhutas’ (Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Space). These rules define the directions and state what to place where and what should be avoided for the growth and prosperity of business.

Let’s have a look at some of the Vastu tips for the success of your business:

Vastu Tips For Your Office in a Commercial Building

1. Office direction and Entrance

An office should be in the North, North-East or North-West facing direction. North, North-East or North-West directions are considered to bring good fortune and positivity for business. Also, they are the most auspicious directions for office spaces and it makes employees feel fresh and very productive. North direction is known to be the direction of Kuber (the lord of wealth), thus it profits you in financial terms as well.

After North direction, East is also known to be apt office direction. And if it is a service industry related office, then East direction is the perfect one to select. East is a sunrise direction and it gives great growth to the work.

According to commercial Vastu, the entrance door of an office building or flat should face towards North or East direction. But, make sure you do not put any obstacle near to the entrance door as this may create an obstruction in your business. Also, the entrance door should not open into an interior wall as it can block the energy flow.

2. Reception area

Reception area leaves the first impression on the visitors. Be it a client, employee or visitor, reception plays a major role in portraying the nature and power of the company or organization. Thus, the reception area should be very relaxing and one that gives positive vibes.

The reception should ideally be constructed in the East or Northeast direction. Also, the reception area should have comfortable seating and the receptionist must sit facing towards East or North direction. Ideally, the company profile should be placed on the south wall of the reception area. And the reception table should be aligned diagonally to the door. Decorating flowers and offering sweets in any way creates a positive aura and good relationship value with the visitors.


In an office, it is best to construct staircase in South or South-West. But, make sure you do not construct one in the center of the office as it may lead to financial loses to the owner. And staircases must be painted in subtle light colors and you should avoid shades like black and red.

4. Reception area

For a productive day at the office, you need to be energetic enough to work all day long. And to keep yourself active and energetic a pantry is very important in an office.

According to Vastu tips for office, pantry should be located in the South-East direction; it is known to be the ideal direction. And make sure you never construct a pantry in North direction. Also, the pantry should never be painted in red or pink shades of color, instead of paint it with blue color and place green plants around it.

One of the most important things is one should keep in mind while eating in office is that there should be a separate place for eating. Never eat food at your workstation/ work desk as it is only meant for work and one should not do other stuff there.

5. Washroom

In an office, a washroom should be constructed in the West or North-West direction. And if you are buying a new office, you should inspect the direction of the washroom. Also, make sure the washroom is not in North-East, South-East or East direction. Washrooms are generally associated with negative and bad energy, thus considering Vastu tips for office is a must.

6. Colors

As per Vastu tips for business the interior décor and colors of the office should be bright and vibrant. Bright colors are known to spread positivity in each corner and it reflects light to all the directions. It is also said that if the walls in office are painted with dark colors, then more negative vibes will get attracted bringing barrier in the success.

Using colors like blue, white and grey makes the aura cheerful. Here, we have mentioned the list of color, have a look!

7. Deity

People surely worship their idols and gods like Ganesha, Sai Baba, Laxmi ji or Lord Krishna and would like to place their pictures or anything related to them in their office to bring prosperity. But to place the pictures of idols and gods there should be the right place according to Vastu Shastra. Here we will tell you the details, have a look!

As per Commercial Vastu, it is advised to place a picture of your idol or god near in the reception area of your office, as it is the place where every visitor or employee pays a visit. And the reception desk should ideally be in North-east direction. While placing pictures of gods and idols, make sure to keep them facings towards inside the office. As it shows that when the owner or employees will leave office, they will see the idols facing towards them. And this will bring positivity and great zest to work more. But do not place idols or gods pictures on your work desk or at the back side of your seat, as in commercial Vastu this is not considered respectful.

Gods are the supreme power and authority and thus their pictures must be placed separately from the day to day work or things. And the idols and Gods should be provided an individual place and space.

8. Seating Arrangement

The seating arrangement in the office must be planned according to Vastu tips for office:
a) Owner seating arrangement

For the owner, the seating arrangement must be facing towards East or North direction. West is also considered fine, but it must not be facing towards South direction. Also, make sure the temple or pictures of any Idol or God must not be placed at the back side of the owner’s seat as in commercial Vastu this is not considered respectful. Also, there must be a Solid wall behind the Owner’s seat and not some wooden wall or curtain. It shows the stiffness and determination in the work.

b) Manager seating arrangement

For the manager, director and executives of the office, the seating arrangement must be in the Southwest, South or West zone of the office as per commercial Vastu. This seating arrangement helps the manager to take better decisions in work and brings positive energy.

c) Employees seating arrangement

For the employees, the seating arrangement must be facing towards North or East while working in the office. Working while facing towards North or East direction increases the productivity of the employee. Also, make sure that the employees do not sit directly under the light beam in the Office, as according to Vastu it lesser downs the productivity. And in case, the light beam in impossible to avoid, then cover it with a wooden board.